The Future of the Tad Process in the Pulp and Paper Industry

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Tissue and towel products have become essential household items with a direct connection to consumers. Though constituting only 9% of the pulp and paper industry, the tissue and towel sector’s market is on an upward trajectory. This presents a  wealth of opportunities for paper traders like Coniferous to explore and capitalize on.

The TAD Process: An Enchanting Solution

Amidst the growing demand for premium tissue and towel products, the Through-Air-Drying (TAD) process has emerged as a game-changer. This magical process efficiently dries tissue and towel products while adding softness, bulkiness, and enhanced absorbency. Unlike traditional wet-pressing methods, the TAD process employs a  specially designed through-air-drying fabric or belt that allows hot air to interact with the paper web, creating a luxurious end product that consumers can’t resist.

Benefits Galore for Paper Producers

Paper producers are drawn to the TAD process like moths to a flame, and it’s no wonder why. Embracing TAD opens up a world of advantages for them:

Improved Product Quality: TAD-dried paper products are softer, bulkier, and more absorbent, making them highly desirable to consumers seeking superior comfort and performance.

Enhanced Machine Performance: TAD machines can run at faster speeds, boosting overall production efficiency and output. This means more rolls of premium tissue and towels in less time.

Profitability Boost: By utilizing the TAD process, paper companies can use less cellulose while producing top-quality tissue and towel products. This translates into better prices and improved profit margins.

Spreading its Magic: TAD’s Popularity Worldwide

In North America and Europe, the TAD process has already woven its magic, captivating consumers with higher-quality tissue and towel products. The United States boasts the world’s largest advanced process tissue fleet, with 44% of its total capacity dedicated to TAD or structured technology.

In Europe, while higher quality remains a primary factor, the TAD process aims to achieve higher absorbency performance and reduce the total amount of towels required in the market.

Latin America, although slower to embrace unconventional tissue machines, is gradually recognizing the allure of  enhanced absorbency and production efficiency brought by TAD.

Investment in TAD: The Enchanting Equation

While the TAD process enchants the industry, the cost factor cannot be ignored. However, like any well-performed magic trick, TAD’s costs are becoming more manageable as the technology matures. A cash cost analysis of tissue production in North America indicates a cost difference of approximately USD $150/tonne between conventional and nonconventional machines.

Coniferous is here to provide you with all the fascinating details about the TAD process and the ever-evolving pulp and paper industry. We’re excited to witness the future of TAD and its impact on the industry’s growth and profitability.

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