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Founded in February 2020 in Mumbai, Coniferous Multitrade has established itself as one of the leading board and paper trading companies in Western India - distributing its highly efficient and effective sustainable solutions through tissue paper export in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other neighboring regions.

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the coniferous has developed a very unique take on sustainability through all the experiences that 1000's of customers have had dealing with it's parent group Narsingh Dass Group.

Sustainable Solutions

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Unveiling the Latest in Pulp and Paper: A Comprehensive Guide

Remaining informed about the latest developments in the pulp and paper industry is essential for paper suppliers like us. By staying up to date with industry trends, market dynamics, and innovative advancements, we acquire valuable insights that empower us to make well-informed decisions, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and sustain our competitive advantage. Below are several […]

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Hygiene and Comfort: Why Paper Products are the Better Choice

At Coniferous, we specialize in supplying paper hygiene products and have been leading the way in sustainable practices within the paper industry. We acknowledge the significance of reducing our environmental impact and have taken several steps toward achieving this objective. Paper napkins, Towels, and Facial tissues have always been a staple in the hospitality, and […]

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From Waste To Wonder: The Rise Of Recycled Tissue

Coniferous, a company committed to sustainability, recognizes the importance of selling recycled tissue products in its operations. Recycled tissue offers many benefits to the environment, and by using it, we can reduce its environmental impact and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability to its customers and stakeholders. Recycling has become an important part of our daily […]

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