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About Us

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Founded in February 2020 in Mumbai, Coniferous has established itself as one of the leading board and paper traders in India - distributing its highly efficient and effective sustainable solutions through paper export in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other neighboring regions.

At Coniferous, emerging paper exporters in India, we aim to provide a 360° solution to our customers in the fields of Hygiene, Printing, and Packaging: Hygiene Packaging, Medical Packaging With constant research and development, we strive to make our present and tomorrow hygienic, sustainable and secure for our future generations to also reap the benefits of our Earth’s resources efficiently.

Our team, at the leading paper manufacturers in India , is full of enthusiastic individuals who are passionately driven to provide each of our customers with seamless sustainable solutions, product advice and logistical support. We pride ourselves on excellence in service and continuous development, providing the finest products for our client’s business - after taking a complete understanding of it comprehensively.

Corporate Values

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Being honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company is how we build a two-way trust with them. We openly collaborate in pursuit of the truth.

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We seek win-for-all solutions with empathy and humility. Always trying to add value; keeping our word and choosing respect, kindness and candor for a mutual benefit.

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We nurture relationships & actively listen to our customer’s needs. We work together as one team, united by an inborn drive to take action and make a difference in the hygiene and packaging space.

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We focus on solutions, working every day being inspired to make an impact through our passion, skills and hard work. Constantly pushing ourselves to be our best!

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At Coniferous, the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of ‘What We Do’ is essential to us. We never settle! We constantly challenge our ideas in order to better meet the needs of our customers.

Mission & Ethics


Constantly Educating and Empathetically Improved human systems power us to make tomorrow hygienic, sustainable and secure. We have to educate ourselves and our supply chain partners constantly, understanding the concerns of our partners and teammates helps us improve our systems, powering us to make our society more hygienic, secure and sustainable!.


At Coniferous, we believe in the values of Trust, Compassion, Togetherness and Excellence. These are the values that we believe that every member of the Coniferous family has and follows. We need to keep our moral code to reach the values we practice and preach.

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