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What is Corrugated Fibreboard Packaging and Why is it so Popular?

Corrugated cardboard, also known as corrugated fibreboard packaging, isn’t usually linked with high-tech technologies, however, it’s designed and manufactured utilizing powerful computer designs and production techniques.

Fluting, an arching paper pattern that goes between two liners, is used to make corrugated fibreboard boxes. The material’s complex structure ensures that it can hold a broad variety of weights, resist moisture, and provide long-term packing options.

Although corrugated fibreboard is commonly referred to as “cardboard,” the phrase applies to any thick paperboard, whether it is corrugated or not. Corrugated cartons may be adapted to hold almost any item, from medicinal goods to bulk food items, and are frequently utilized in a wide range of sectors.

They are also cost-effective, ecological, and recyclable alternatives to plastic packaging. Continue reading to discover more about corrugated boxes’ protective packing solutions, customized alternatives, and the cost-effective and long-term benefits of corrugated cardboard.

The Composition of Corrugated Fibreboard Packaging

Corrugated fibreboard packaging and cardboard, both are constructed mostly of paper-based components, however, they are not the same. Unlike general cardboard, an interior lining and an exterior liner, with fluting in between, make up corrugated fibreboard material. Freight boxes, commercial displays, and packaging are all popular uses of corrugated fibreboard packaging.

The use of arches to enhance the structural strength motivated the inception of fluting. This technique was employed by the developers of corrugated fibreboard packaging to withstand bends and stress from all directions.

Fluting is attached to the paperboard to increase the material’s strength and longevity. Fluting comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 33 to 125 flutes per foot, depending on the use.

Corrugated fibreboard, also known as combination board, is made up of a liner and a medium, although there is a range of flute structures to choose from. The endurance and visual capabilities are influenced by the construction.

Uses of Corrugated Fibreboard Packaging

  • Protective Packaging:

Corrugated boxes’ structurally strong form provides great cushioning for any item, keeping it safe during long-distance travel and continuous shipping and processing. While the most typical corrugated boxes have just a single layer of fluting among two liners, the size and thickness of corrugated fibreboard boxes can vary based on the degree of shielding and durability needed.

Glass products, electrical gadgets, and hazardous solutions, among other fragile objects, are kept safe and secure in corrugated cardboard packaging. The tear resistance of the corrugated fibreboard boxes keeps the packaging intact and protects the items from damage. Corrugated packing also guards against moisture and preserves foods from rotting during transportation for commodities such as fresh produce that must resist extended shipping durations and stay fresh upon delivery.

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  • Custom Packaging:

Corrugated fibreboard boxes are suitable solutions for any industry’s transportation, packaging, and warehousing needs because of the numerous packaging board varieties, sizes, adhesives, coatings, and even fire resistance and electrostatic control properties. Basic structures may be used for simple solutions, complicated packaging can be used for more particular demands, and the boxes can be folded into a range of shapes and sizes to meet a variety of packaging demands.

Printing choices are also very customizable, with the opportunity to direct print bold, bright, and high-resolution designs directly onto the boxes. Corrugated boxes are incredibly dependable packaging alternatives for both residential and business applications since they can be modified to match any product’s specs and keep products safe.

The Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard

  • Cost-effective

Corrugated fibreboard is the most cost-effective packaging option since it maximizes consumption while minimizing waste. Lower labor and machinery costs are supported by lower raw material prices and the capacity to mass manufacture. This material is commonly used for anything from shipping to packing and is easily available.

Optimize unused space to save freight and handling expenses. Because of the lightweight composition and increased fill volume, shipping rates are cheaper. Because corrugated fibreboard packaging can be altered so readily, it’s simple to reduce the quantity of extra material required to complete the task. Corrugated fibreboard boxes are the most versatile choice for keeping your product secure while being cost-effective. It is utilized in retail establishments to showcase materials in shipping containers on a bigger scale. Moving boxes and storage solutions are examples of how it is utilized in the home.

  • Highly Sustainable

Corrugated fibreboard is by far the most recyclable packaging material, and its recycling rate is increasing. In 1993, just 54% of corrugated packaging was being recycled; nevertheless, by 2016, that figure had risen to 93%. Corrugated material recycling helps to decrease trash disposal and maintains a continuous cycle of reused material.

Not only is corrugated packaging recyclable but is also renewable. The majority of corrugated fibreboard packaging is made up of recycled materials, ranging from 70% to 100% which helps to reduce the cost and environmental effect of corrugated fibreboard production.

The benefits of corrugated cardboard are numerous, as are the opportunities it offers. This material plays a crucial part in all aspects of your product’s support, from delivery to purchasing.

Corrugated fibreboard is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for your packaging, protecting your goods from the elements while also sending a powerful message for the well-being of this planet.

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