Good packaging plays a key role in building brand credibility 

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Good packaging plays a key role in building brand credibility 

Looking to build brand credibility? The answer to this might lie in something as simple as the package design — an extremely crucial feature that goes on to either build your brand or ruin its image in the minds of potential customers. 

Imagine you are at a convenience store, walking down the aisle as you come across a new product. The packaging is so good that it captures your attention — acting as a hook; building brand awareness and recall. So much so that the next time you’re in need of what they sell, you might end up reaching out for it! 

So when introducing a product in a new market, packaging helps garner the attention of a prospect. A bad one, on the other hand, would definitely make you want to look away. 

Packaging and branding help build a brand personality — attracting new customers and drawing existing customers closer to your brand. Social media strategies, advertising spending, and extensive marketing plans, when none of this seems to work for establishing your brand in the market, it might be time for you to take a closer look at the packaging design of your product. 

Good Packaging is Essential for Brands to Increase their Credibility

Let’s put it this way. What’s the first thing that grabs your attention when you look at a product you’ve ever seen or heard of before? The packaging board produced by the paper producers and the visuals on it are the first introductions of the product, especially when the brand is unknown. That’s how the logo and visuals go on to build such a strong connection with your target audience and strengthen brand recall. 

Customers associate a brand’s image with how its product is packaged, which differentiates it from competitors and sets your product apart. The importance of branding and packaging is even more critical when it shares shelf space with similar products. 

Once consumers start buying the product, packaging helps them quickly identify it when they are shopping. The right packaging can make a familiar product stand out, getting the customer to reach for it and choose it before looking through other options. 

Our impressions are visually triggered, which is why branding requires consistent visual language. Think of popular and iconic brands, such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Puma, Mercedes, Jaguar, Unilever, the minute you think of the brand the visuals come to your mind at lightning-fast speed. You don’t need a second look at the product to know the company it’s from. That’s the connection that your brain establishes between the visual language and the brand. 

Sometimes, it’s as quick as the snap of a finger! A customer sees the product package, and almost instantly makes a judgment about your brand, based solely on that one experience. Now that’s the power of package design. And you can leverage it well if you play around it well. 

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You can build all the right marketing and advertising strategies, but it might still fall flat if it isn’t supported by the right package

design. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s almost as important as the product is because before even trying your product out, the decision to buy it or not and try it or not is based on the packaging. 

Building and nurturing a good impression through the packaging

and visual design of your brand is critical to business success and longevity. The visuals are most prominent to the consumer, and can be easily addresses as compared to all the elements that impact credibility

Consistency is key to strong brand recognition. Repetition builds recognition. You will be tired of your look before your consumer ever will. Here are thumbnails of iconic brands I know you will recognize. They held true to the brand visuals for decades.

But the brand imagery and tone must be consistent across all media, and then only will they create a strong recall for the customers.  Now that you know about the role that packaging plays in the success and expansion of your business — how happy are you with the current packaging of your product? Something that all brands need to relook, in today’s day and age.

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