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Everything You Need To Know About Disposable Tableware 

Disposable tableware is commonly spotted at parties, events and functions—being much popular for its easy-to-use nature. Here, we will give you an insight into some of its benefits.

Did you know that the first paper plates were produced by paper producers at the end of the 19th century for medical analysis of the different ways of hygiene packaging food? 

What is Disposable Tableware?

 Whether you own a food chain or have organized a farewell dinner for your colleagues, you would definitely know the magic of disposable tableware. Especially when you don’t want to layout your fancy Bone China plates or have more guests than the number of cutlery in your house — disposable tableware is your go-to option. And guess what? You don’t even have to worry about who is going to do the dishes once the guests leave! 

It becomes really easy to clean up after a party or event if all the tableware is disposable—not so much if you have to get down to managing the crockery. Street food, food on the go, event catering, public viewing, and are often not feasible without disposable tableware. Disposable tableware is light and not as fragile as the glass ones, making them perfect for children’s birthday parties, too. 

Let’s look at some more facts about disposable tableware, which will help you understand how it is better than plastic crockery and what are some of its advantages. 

  1. Produced from bagasse or recycled paper

Bagasse is an agricultural residue, which is completely safe for the environment and it is also available in abundant quantities. It’s a strong raw material that provides the qualities of rigidity and strength to the disposable tableware. 

It can also be manufactured from recycled paper. These types of paper cups, glasses, and plates are made in a variety of sizes and shapes according to the amount of material to be filled. They are often coated with silver or gold polish to improve their look and texture. Good quality tableware can be manufactured with multiple layers of sheets.

  1. Sustainable tableware can be laminated or wax-coated

Most of the disposable tableware is coated/laminated with plastic or wax to keep them waterproof. Laminating or wax coating helps the containers to hold the food items and drinks efficiently without letting them leak from the containers. The material used for lamination or wax coating is toxin-free, making the tableware safe for eating. 

  1. Disposable tableware is biodegradable and eco-friendly

 Since most of these products are made from bagasse, they do not have any adverse impact on the environment, and disposing of them isn’t much of a problem. The biodegradable property of the products helps them to work as fertilizers in maintaining the ecological balance. Therefore, these products are termed as eco-friendly as they are an excellent and harmless substitute for single-use plastic crockery. 

  1. Manufactured in different shapes and sizes 

 One of the main advantages of disposable tableware is that it can be manufactured in variable sizes and shapes according to the moulds. The pulp produced from recycled paper/bagasse is filled in the moulds to obtain products of desired shapes. This process is done in the forming machine. 

 Once the moulded shape is obtained, it is pressed into the machines to remove the water and let dry. After the moulded shape has dried, it is passed through a trimming machine. The trimming machine cuts the edges of the tableware and gives it proper finishing. 

  1. Easy on the pocket, convenient, time-saving and hygienic 

If you’ve used disposable tableware for a party, you’ll know how a single swipe is all it takes to clean up. Imagine yourself with a sea of plastic cutlery and you already are in for a long night of scrubbing the dishes. Disposable tableware sure saves a lot of time and effort. 

Disposable tableware is easy to transport and requires little space during storage. The food supply that does not require washing is only possible with disposable tableware. They are also really cheap and can be purchased online or at a local store. Since they’re designed for one-time use, paper plates come with the benefit of hygiene. When only one person touches and eats off the plate, there’s less chance for germs and bacteria to spread. 

Growing demand for disposable tableware 

It is estimated that the demand for sustainable tableware products is likely to grow across the world. Sustainable tableware that is produced from bagasse is completely harmless and beneficial to the environment.

The demand for sustainable tableware is rising in urban and rural areas, for both household and commercial purposes. It is gaining importance and popularity in the ever-growing technological world, where people don’t have a lot of time in their hands and are always on the lookout for making their lives more simple and convenient. See more paper alternatives here.

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