Why is paper the ideal choice for packaging products? 

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Paper packaging products are a sustainable option to protecting the product’s freshness and providing an elegant look and feel that attracts more customers while giving them an enriching experience — Thus, paper is every business owner’s packaging choice. 

Paper-Based Packaging Products

It’s delicious, tempting, and definitely a mood-lifter. It’s on everyone’s favorite list, and oftentimes, on the gifting list, too. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has something that’s nothing less than a superpower. 

Want to take a guess on what we’re talking about? 

Chocolate! Yes, those sweet drops of heaven melt in your mouth. 

Whether you are sad, angry, just not feeling up for it, or having a really rough day, chocolate can give you an instant dose of happiness. Studies also suggest that chocolates are rich in antioxidants and advance brain function. Gobbling a bar of chocolate before a tough math exam, while secretly wishing for it to improve our grades — we’ve all been there! 

But have you ever wondered while unwrapping one of your favourite finest chocolates, about… well, the wrapper? 

Beyond the science of chocolate-making, there is also a science behind chocolate packaging. Because that delectable taste that you love needs to be protected and locked inside. 

 When exposed to oxygen, chocolate can get stale and almost lose its flavor. This might turn it inedible, and thereby, unfit to sell. Due to this, chocolate is packaged using materials such as virgin fiber that prevent oxidation and protect its taste and aroma. That goodness has to be locked right in. 

It’s not just the taste, but chocolates also have a fine aroma that makes your mouth water the minute you begin unwrapping it. This, too, needs protection. Because chocolate should only taste and smell like chocolate, right? The packaging needs to have barriers and layers that can protect it against the transmission of external odors and ensure shelf life. 

Chocolate-makers emphasize on how important it is to minimize the risk of the chocolate acquiring an off-taste from the packaging material. It needs to maintain its original taste so as to be palatable to the consumers. When it comes to Belgian chocolatiers, it is said that they maintain the strictest standards for cleanliness, purity and odor neutrality. This might explain how and why the Belgian chocolates taste so heavenly. 

Apart from protecting its natural taste and odour, paper sustainability is yet another reason why the chocolate industry, like several other food brands, is turning to paper packaging. It’s renewable and recyclable, which makes it safer for the environment and fits perfectly with what the modern-day conscious consumer is looking for. German chocolate company, Ritter Sport, have also started a trial run on paper wrappers, and their customers are loving it. 

Another interesting point worth noting here is that the way customers perceive packaging affects how much they are willing to spend. According to a study, packaging significantly affected the price consumers were willing to pay for items that were almost otherwise identical. 

In fact, people were willing to spend nearly seven times more for the same products when they are packaged in the high-end, elegant combinations of paperboard and other materials. What’s on the outside clearly defines the product that’s on the inside. Before you even open the product or taste it, your eyes fall straight on the packaging — which might either attract you and pull you closer to the product, or draw you farther away from it. 

For items like chocolate, people may spend three times the price when it comes in premium packaging. A case in point is Ferrero Rocher. It’s not just the taste but also the premium packaging that makes it the ideal gift for every occasion, despite its price. The way it’s wrapped makes eating it nothing less than an experience. 

Merchandising with elegant designs, foils and other elements that bring the brand to life is why paper is the packaging of choice for premium chocolate brands. Paper packaging works wonders for products because of its added protection, high-end presentation and environment-friendly nature. 

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