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The Various Types of Paper You Should Know!

Paper has many forms! Paper is not only used in the News Paper or publishing fields or the A4 paper we see in our offices. Various types of Paper are used in a magnitude of industries. Right from Furniture to composites used in Airplanes, from Milk Cartons to Honey Comb Corrugated Sheets.

Different Forms and Types of Paper

At Coniferous, we would like to elaborate more on the different types of papers! Paper is mainly used in the following forms:

  1. Packaging 
    1. Kraft Paper 
    2. MG Food Grade Papers 
    3. Duplex Board 
    4. Folding Box Board 
    5. Cupstock Board
    6. Solid Bleached Sulphite 
    7. Other MG and MF Grades used in Labels, 
  2. Hygiene:
    1. Tissue Papers 
    2. Towels 
    3. Diaper Tissue / Carrier Tissue 
  3. Publishing: 
    1. Book Binding Board
    2. Bible Printing Papers 
    3. Book Printing Paper 
    4. Offset Printing Paper 
    5. Coated Paper 
    6. Light Weight Coated Paper 
  4. Office Paper: 
    1. A4 Paper 
    2. Offset Printing Paper 
  5. Speciality Applications: 
    1. Baking Paper 
    2. Décor Paper 
    3. Food Wrapping Paper 
    4. Packing Tissue 
    5. Imitation Paper 
    6. POS and Tickets 
    7. Security Papers (Passport/ Money/ etc)
    8. Apart from others

So as you see Paper impacts almost every part of our lives. The more we analyse the more we see paper impacting us. So the next time you hear anyone saying go Paper Free, it is literally impossible. Technology has evolved in the industry by leaps and bounds resulting in negative Carbon Footprint in certain grades and certain paper producers. Paper is environmental friendly and whilst you should be responsible in using paper, you can never avoid using types of paper! 

Imagine going to a movie hall to watch the latest release. Whilst you drive there, you might stop to refuel. On reaching the theatre, you enter the parking garage and press the button for the parking ticket. Upon reaching the hall you scan the brochure for the latest release, and then reach the counter to pick up your tickets and condonements!  You pay for the same with your card and after the movie finishes you drive out paying for the parking using some small bank notes!

Just to illustrate the places where paper is used in the entire process:

  1. Paper is used in the wooden inlays present in your car 
  2. Paper is used for the receipt you receive from the fuel station 
  3. Paper is used to print the parking ticket 
  4. Paper is used to print the brochure 
  5. Paper is used to print your movie tickets 
  6. Paper is used to manufacture your Soft Drinks Cup
  7. Paper is used to manufacture your Popcorn tub or your pizza box
  8. Paper is used to manufacture the Napkin that you might wipe your hands with 
  9. Paper is used to print the bank notes and your parking receipts 

So whilst you just go and see a movie, you see how paper can truly impact our lives!? 

We strongly believe that whilst you can always advocate for technology removing the need for paper, with e-receipts and tickets, etc., ponder and think about the number of emissions released by the data centres and the systems that enable it! So are you truly saving the planet? 

Paper has many forms, and the next time you hear go Paper Free, Please Please Please, educate them that it is impossible to do so!!

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