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Multiple Uses of Tissue Paper

The uses of Tissue paper are diverse and fascinating and range from art to camp craft.

From the words of one of our sustainable solutions providers: 

When I was growing up as a child, I used to affectionately watch my father and grandfather touch the tissue at the restaurant with a drop of water and then examine the same repeatedly. I saw them doing this with the different grades. I never understood why and never bothered asking them. I just took it as part of their job, and a fond memory for me.

As I reached college and began my engineering in Bio-Systems and Bio Products, at the University of Minnesota, I realized they were checking the wet strength and understood the significance. I soon started testing tissue everywhere I saw them, in hotels, restaurants, bathrooms (Not the public ones 😉) as well as started buying various brands to understand the difference that it makes to a consumer! 

Tissue Paper Uses:

After 5 years actively working in the industry, I have come to understand that tissue has found its use in various industries apart from the ones known to the common eye. So here is listing out some of the unique uses of Tissue Paper: 

  1. Drink Coasters: Several plies of Tissue are laminated together to manufacture drink coasters that you find in restaurants and pubs! The main parameter is water absorbency, wet rub and printability. 
  2. Clothes Manufacturing and Embroidery:  A lot of hosiery such as Woman’s Undergarments are stuffed with tissue prior to embroidery. Tissue is used in the same as it is without dust and can provide substantial support to the artisan working on the same 
  3. Surgical Wads: We have seen 8 Ply tissue being used as surgical wad to soak the blood whilst operating in tier 2 and tier 3 countries. This is a replacement to the traditional cotton wads 

Apart from this, Tissue paper is also used in the following traditional applications: 

  1. Facial Tissue – Facial Tissue, is one of the most common applications, with usage primarily for wiping the face or for blowing the nose 
  2. Handkerchief – Pocket Tissue is the typical replacement of the cloth handkerchief. It is environmental friendly and more hygienic compared to a cloth napkin 
  3. Napkin Tissue – Napkin tissues are primarily used on the table as a substitute to Table Napkins. 
  4. Bath Tissue – Well the name says it all! Bath is used in the washroom post our bowl movements 
  5. Towel – Kitchen Towel, Maxi Roll, Interfolder and Autocut are all used to either clean a surface or our wet hands! 
  6. Bed Rolls – Used at your local doctor clinic is an environmental friendly version of the non-woven previously used. It is also much cheaper and easier to use! 

So these are the common and not so common use of tissue paper. Whilst you might be successful in living to the hoax statement that “Save the trees, go Paper Free”, but tissue is one such material that we cannot imagine a replacement! Tissue is made from managed plantations, as well as Agro and Recycled feedstock. The tissue is Green! The tissue helps us live longer and leave a cleaner world for the coming generations! 

As for why they tested the tissue with a drop of water, I will come back to that in our future posts! Watch how tissue paper is made here.

  • Vedansh Gupta 

(Solution Provider) 
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