About Us

HyPa is an initiative by Coniferous Multitrade to educate the society about the importance of Paper in the modern world. Whilst we have gotten very comfortable with the electronic media’s for communications we fail to acknowledge that paper plays a vital role in the Hygiene and Packaging industry.

Through this website we would like to clear the myth’s involved with paper mill and the whole industry. We would like to educate members of the industry on the technicalities involved in the industry. We would like to compile and share information from various sources that will help customers in getting educated about the changing trends. This website is not for profit and has no commercial significance. The website is a tool for us to spread awareness in our society!

HyPa represents Hygiene and Packaging. Hygiene as an industry includes Personal Hygiene, Away from Home (AfH) as well as Women and Kid’s Hygiene. Packaging for us will include Rigid, Flexible and Carton based packaging. You can navigate the website to know more about the industry from our perspective!

Whilst creating HyPa we have used images and information from the web that were freely available. If you would have any dispute of any information published here, please contact us on Contact@hypa.in