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Sensing Pressure Using Paper – Pressure Paper Sensor

A sensor is a device that detects or measures a physical property and records, indicates, or otherwise responds to it. To ensure greater response and surer handling, the engineers use electronic sensors.

The physical properties can be light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure, or any other environmental phenomenon.

Introduction to Pressure Paper Sensors

A pressure sensor detects physical pressure and converts it into an electrical signal that is displayed in some numerical magnitude. Pressure Paper sensors, paper-based sensors or electronic devices, are gaining greater attention due to their biodegradability, excellent flexibility, lightweight, low cost, and porous, fibrous structure.

The sensor is made of plain and corrugated cellulose papers coated with tin mono sulfide to form a multi-layered architecture. It is a semiconductor that conducts electricity under specific conditions. Paper is itself an insulator.

When pressure is applied on the surface of the sensor, the air gaps between different layers decrease, thereby, increasing the contact surface area between the layers which provides better electrical conductivity.

The paper sensor is used in several industries like automotive, and healthcare institutions due to its accurate and precise measurement of pressure. Another type of pressure sensor, flexible and wearable, is fabricated using petroleum-based polymers. Recently, newly fabricated paper-based sensors are used to remove solid wastes (non-biodegradable plastics). Thanks to the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for this type of paper sensor.

Real World Applications

The sensor has great promise in the healthcare sector. The sensor can investigate the motion involved in chewing. It is of great use to muscle contraction.

paper-based sensor

Measures are being taken to work on increasing the stability and durability of these pressure paper sensors and possibly involve industries to manufacture them in large quantities.

The pressure sensor is put between the electrode bracket and copper or brass electrode bars. In both cases, the high contact pressure is seen in the vicinity of the bolts. This is indicative of good electrical contact. So, low-pressure areas are found between the areas and bolts adjacent to both bolts. This can increase ECR. Pressure paper sensors detect the physical pressure and convert it into an electrical signal which is displayed as a number indicative of the magnitude. Many applications require wearable and flexible pressure paper sensors.

There are seven types of pressure sensors

  • Strain Gauge

It is the proportional contraction or expansion of materials, as an object applies force. So, the strain gauge uses these changes in the spring’s dimension to measure pressure. It is favorable for long-term monitoring tasks. They are useful for their versatility and availability.

  • Piezoelectric

It describes the generation of an electric charge as a response to physical changes to the objects. It comes in very small sizes, they allow high frequencies while taking in data. This is used for readings that require dynamic measurements taken between data points with short intervals.

  • Capacitive

It is used to store an electric charge, having separate conductors with a close gap between each other. They have a simple mechanical design that enables them to measure the harsh environment.

  • Manometers

It is a tube, that uses liquid movement to compare the pressure by its two surfaces. The basic manometers are U-shaped with a liquid inside that is replaced by varying pressure differences. They are commonly found in laboratory settings.

  • Vacuum Pressure

It is used for measuring mechanical apparatus. In this, the sensors measure and observe the effects on the properties of the materials.

  • Bourdon Tube

This is also a mechanical device that uses physical movements. This is inexpensive and durable because of its simplicity and ruggedness. It is not preferable to use on low pressures which require precise measurements. It is the most common model, it’s a tube with an oval cross-section.

  • Aneroid Barometer

This is also another type of mechanical device used to measure pressure, it is used to measure atmospheric pressure. They are used in aircraft, due to their convenient and durable design. They are also used to measure altitude based on changes in barometric pressure.

There is also another type of sensor known as a medical sensor, this type of sensor come in contact with the patient’s body, this is safe for patients.

The Bright Future

It can be believed that the developed sensor will launch the advancement of easily disposed pressure paper sensors and green paper-based flexible electronic devices. It has the benefits of low cost and fast preparation and can be disposed of easily by incineration.

Various types of sensors are now available in the markets, providing flexibility to identify a suitable sensor for any given application.

It helps to recognize risks as soon as possible by notifying the maintenance team of ideal working conditions, it allows the maintenance team to perform corrective action before any failure.

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